Sometimes we need a second chance

Monitoring your blood glucose levels can be challenging, and repeated finger pricking is a hurdle to self-testing for many people.1 If you’re frustrated with not getting it right the first time – you’re not alone. One study found that people often incorrectly applied blood to their test strip when trying to take a blood glucose reading2 and research has shown that 3 in 4 people with diabetes are frustrated, annoyed or aggravated by having to use a second strip.3

Second Chance

The good news is that there are solutions available to help you overcome these issues. Learn more about the Second-Chance® sampling feature of our CONTOUR®PLUS ONE blood glucose monitoring system.

A monitoring system that gives you a second chance

Second-Chance® sampling is a unique feature that gives you up to 60 seconds to get your blood glucose result from a single test strip.4 You may not have to prick your finger for a second time, and it could save you up to 100 test strips each year.3

Our CONTOUR®PLUS ONE system will let you know if you need to apply more blood to the same test strip, if the first sample you provided is not sufficient.4 The meter will beep twice and show a blinking blood drop with a + sign, and you will then have 60 seconds to apply more blood to the same test strip to get an accurate reading.4 Watch this video to see how Second-Chance® sampling works.

This feature of the CONTOUR®PLUS ONE system addresses one of the common issues associated with blood glucose testing.2 A recent analysis showed that the use of Second-Chance® Sampling is utilized in the real world setting for people living with diabetes using insulin and oral glucose lowering medications.5

Would you like to find out more about the CONTOUR®PLUS ONE system? Have a look at our product page to learn more about its benefits and how to receive it. If you are already using the CONTOUR®PLUS ONE system, how has Second-Chance® sampling supported your blood glucose monitoring? Do you waste less strips than before? Please share your experiences and any questions with us at

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