Connected CONTOUR® Solution

A guiding light for people managing diabetes and their healthcare professionals, with easy access to reliable blood glucose data1

Wireless transfer of highly accurate data1 to the CONTOUR®DIABETES app

Providing convenient tools and a better understanding of blood glucose patterns2

CONTOUR®DIABETES app automatically* and seamlessly shares data with healthcare professionals via

Benefits of the Connected CONTOUR® Solution


Consistent colour coding for quick and easy interpretation,3,4 which can save time and simplify conversations5

Highly accurate readings you can trust1 to help guide treatment decisions

Easy sign-up process, patients can allow seamless access to data with no additional steps for healthcare professionals

Less dependency on hand written diaries

No need to upload data during consultations

Data are securely stored in the CONTOUR®CLOUD

Connecting people with diabetes to their healthcare professionals

Works with all CONTOUR® connected meters


Healthcare professionals

Sign up to
and invite your patients to share their data at

Getting started guide for Healthcare Professionals

Works with all CONTOUR connected meters

Getting started guide for people with diabetes

Works with all CONTOUR connected meters


People with diabetes

Download the CONTOUR®DIABETES app** and use the same credentials to log into to share your data


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SdNcenter is the legal manufacturer and developer of and is partnering with Ascensia to market and deliver the tool to HCP and Patient users

* Patients need to be registered in and approve sharing their data with their healthcare professional

** For a list of compatible devices, please visit

† Data can still be uploaded from a non-connected meter. Cable connection and Bluetooth connections are both possible for the full range of Contour® portfolio of BGMSs

‡ Terms and conditions apply


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